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What do you get from The J4 Wrestling Summer Camp?

You will be coached by coaches and taught by teachers. The Jones family including Ernie (father), Shawn, Biff, and Rodney (brothers) have over 100 years of coaching experience combined as well as a 100 years of teaching experience combined. For complete bios and accomplishments you can visit

As well as having over 100 years of coaching and teaching experience combined, teams coached by one of the Jones’ includes Booker T. Washington, Tulsa Webster, Choctaw, University of Oklahoma, Glenpool, Mustang, Sapulpa, Broken Arrow, and Cascia Hall. Each one of the brothers Shawn, Biff, and Rodney were all All-American wrestlers in college. Biff and Roidny currently coach at Broken Arrow High School where their teams have been nationally ranked 8 out of the past 10 seasons. Broken Arrow has won 9 Team State Championships and produced 36 Indiviual State Champions. Coach Biff won a Team State Championship during his tenure at Glennpool. Since 1967 Ernie Jones, currently head coach at Cascia Hall has been developing CHAMPIONS. Four Team State Championships as the head Coach at Booker T. Washington and four team State Championship at Webster High School. Coach Ernie Jones has coached 64 individual State Champions in his career. If you desire to not only learn wrestling but want to understand the ingredients of what it takes to be a CHAMPION, this camp is your opportunity. The Jones family has combined to win 18 Team State Championships and developed over 131 individual State

Champions. This experience as coaches and wrestlers is second to none in this area and its this experience you will be getting if sign up for the 2019 J4 WRESTLING SUMMER CAMP!

“I have the utmost respect for the Jones family as coaches and mentors. Their accomplishments in coaching are second to none in the state of Oklahoma. If you want to get better this summer, make plans to attend the Ernie Jones Wrestling camp and let them share their passion and expertise with you.”

Jared Frayer Assistant Coach (Virgnia Tech),
2012 Olympian,NCAA Finalist (OU), 2x NCAA All-American,
Big 12 Champion

What type of camp is this?

The Jones’ have done camps and clinics all over the nation from California to New York for 25 years. There are different types of camps and you should know what you are signing up for.

  • This is not a “Celebrity Camp”, where you bring in a current college wrestling star and he shares a few of his latest and hottest techniques that he’s been developing and having success with. These types of camps are great and wrestlejones even host these types of events from time to time. To be a CHAMPION in wrestling you need a plan or system and this plan has to be rooted in the FUNdamentals. From this foundation of efficiently being able to execute these FUNdamentals will alow you to continue to improve and be sucessful at every level. At this type of “Celebrity Camps” you will see some great techniques from star wrestlers who have already developed the FUNdamental skills over their careers and now have the ability to excute more advanced skills and positions because they have already mastered the FUNdamentals. Once, again these camps are great and wrestlejones even host these types of camps. We encourage you to find a camp that meets your experience and skill level. THE J4 WRESTLING SUMMER CAMP will not be a hodgepodge of high level techniques but instead we will lay the foundations of the essential FUNdamental skills to be a CHAMPION.
  • It’s not an “Intense Training Camp”. It’s our goal and passion that every wrestler who attends the J4 Wrestling Camp will end the week loving the sport of wrestling more and be more excited for the upcoming wrestling season. We like to say we are putting “The FUN into the FUNdamentals.”
  • Most major universities in this area offer Summer Wrestling Camps. With experience at every level in regards to “College Camps”from being a counselor to coach and even the director of a major universities summer camps we truly believe that these are great opportunities. The College Camp will be beneficial for the older more experienced wrestler because it might require staying over night. In addition to this factor, also understand that your wrestler will have more leisure time at these camps then mat time being away from home.
  • If you have a wrestler who has qualified for one of the various national events that take place over the summer the J4 Wrestling

Camp is designed to teach the basics and fundamentals as they apply to Folk-style wrestling. It is not a “Freestyle or Greco Roman Camp". Although we have had wrestlers that attended camp that were training for a summer competition and found the camp beneficial in thier preparation. We personally have wrestlers from our schools that are training for one of these summer tournaments and we feel that if you are doing this then you are getting quality time on the mat. If you are not planning on attending summer competition and you want to improve your wrestling skills then you should consider attending this camp.

  • We don’t call it a “Kids Camp”, although the camp over time has developed into mostly younger kids or kids with very little and even no experience. Although it is extremely beneficial for this age of wrestler, we also believe it is as beneficial for older and experienced wrestlers as well because the quest to become a better wrestler will always include being very effecient with the basics and fundamentals. It’s takes practicing, repetition, adjustments, and an experienced coach who can critique and communicate effectively the necessary corrections to make improvements. In your wrestling journey you will never stop making corrections and adjustments and you should never stop mastering the basics and fundamentals.


We believe the camp is for EVERYONE but if you have a younger kid or even a wrestler who has never wrestled and would like to be introduced to the sport in a friendly and fun atmosphere thats conducive to learning then the 19th ANNUAL J4 WRESTLING SUMMER CAMP would be a great opportunity. We are very proud of the camp and The Jones family is beyond passionate about sharing their experience and knowledge with everyone. It is TULSA'S MOST ESTABLISHED SUMMER

“Ernie Jones not only taught me the skills and techniques to be a champion, but he instilled in me a love of the sport. He challenged me to be the very best that I could be and pushed me to excel. I later found his teachings to be a solid foundation and fundamentally sound to compete successfully in major college. For every championship I ever won, a part of it belongs to Ernie. I will always be indebted to Ernie for investing the time and patience in sharing his knowledge and experience with me. So, if you want to learn what it takes to be a CHAMPION, I highly recommend the Ernie Jones Wrestling Camp. An extra bonus: Rodney, Bi?, and Shawn have all proven to be great wrestlers, teachers, and coaches. Believe me it will be money well spent.

Rodney Kilgore 2x NCAA CHAMPION (OU)
4x NCAA All-American 2x Big 8 CHAMPION
3x State Champion (Tulsa Webster)

Who should plan on attending the 19th Annual J4 Wrestling Summer Camp?

  • If you live in Tulsa or around Tulsa and you have a wrestler who doesn’t want to sit around all summer without making improvements in wrestling, just waiting around on next season and wants to put some time on the mats getting better at the essential skills needed to improve and be in an atmosphere that fits in perfectly around the summer fun then you should consider this camp.
  • If you have never wrestled before and would like to try and understand more why wrestling is the worlds oldest and greatest sport.
  • If you are young and you only lack experience learning the basics and fundamentals that once you master will allow you to improve not just from this year to the next, but for the rest of your career.
  • Winning and success is contagious. The Jones Family has created a tradition of winning and success. The Jones family of coaches has produced 18 State Championship teams and 131 Individual state champions and are still going. In your journey to be a CHAMPION you need to be around and learn from Coaches who have been CHAMPIONS at every level.

“Tradition, Competitor, Winner… These are the 3 words that come to my mind when i think about my son Reeder’s experience at the Ernie Jones Eresytling Camp. Reeder joined the wrestlejones tradition during his 5th grade year at Monte Casino where he quickly learned to be a competitor and a winner not only on the mats but in the classroom as well. If you want your son or daughter to be part of this Tulsa wrestling tradition and learn how to be a competitor and a win then you need to attend this camp.”

Cheryl Reeder

When and where is the camp and how can I register for the 19th Annual J4 Wrestling Summer Camp?

  • The camp is June 17th-20th
  • The camp is held in the Broken Arrow Varsity Wrestling room
  • You can register NOW at It’s save and secure and will guarantee you a spot.
  • You can register the day the camp begins, If you choose to do this we would ask that you contact us email prior to the start of camp. We do have to make preperations planning for the number of campers that we will attend.

Contact information

For questions about sibling discounts, partner discounts, any questions, or more information contact: Rodney Jones 918-519-4243