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“Ernie Jones not only taught me the skills and techniques to be a champion, but instilled in me a love of the sport. He challenged me to be the very best that I could be and pushed me to excel. I later found his teachings to be a solid foundation and fundamentally sound to compete successfully in major college. For every championship I ever won, a part of it belongs to Ernie. I will always be indebted to Ernie for investing the time and patience in sharing his knowledge and experience with me. So, if you want to learn what it takes to be a champion, I highly recommend “The Ernie Jones Wrestling Camp”. An extra bonus: Rodney, Biff, and Shawn have all proven to be great wrestlers, teachers, and coaches. Believe me, it will be money well spent.”

Rodney Kilgore
• 3X State Champion (Tulsa Webster)
• 2X NCAA Champion (University of Oklahoma)
• 2x Big 8 Champion
• 4X NCAA All-American


“Under Coach Ernie Jones, learning how to be a champion was one of the best experiences of my life and maybe the most important. Coach Jones has immense pride and passion for the sport of wrestling and the character it builds. The technique and passion I learned from Coach Jones made me a 3x Oklahoma HS State Champion and Coach Jones had a massive influence on me becoming an NCAA All-American at the University of Oklahoma. If you want to learn great technique that will make you a champion, then get enrolled in the Coach Ernie Jones Wrestling Camp and be coached by a LEGEND!”

Shawn Harrison
• 3x State Champion (Tulsa Webster)
• NCAA ALL-AMERICAN (3rd/University of Oklahoma)


"I have the utmost respect for the Jones family as coaches and mentors. Their accomplishments in coaching are second to none in the state of Oklahoma. If you want to get better this summer, make plans to attend the Ernie Jones Wrestling Camp and let them share their passion and expertise with you."

Jared Frayer
• Assistant Coach - Virginia Tech University
• 2012 Olympian
• NCAA Finalist (University of Oklahoma)
• 2x NCAA All-American
• Big 12 Champion