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Welcome to the offical home of....

J4Wrestling Camps


A proven system of success

The Jones Family of Coaches combined have won a total of 18 Team High School State Championships, and their wrestlers have combined to win 131 Individual State Champuonships.

At every J4 Wrestling event, camp, private session, or seminar, you'll learn from an increadible wrestling mentor: one of the Jones brothers. Every one of the Jones brothers, be it Rodney, Biff, Shawn, or, of course, Ernie, has achieved something special in the sport.

J4Wrestling Summer Camp - BA

J4 Wrestling Summer Camp is a 4 day summer wrestling camp. The Jones family's success in the sport of wrestling is second to non in Northeast Oklahoma. The camp is formatted from the same program that has produced 18 State Championships and combined to have coached 131 Individual High School State Champions. The camp is for all ages and experience levels.

Let the Jones family, a Tulsa Tradition, share their knowledge and passion  the great sport of wresting with your wrestlers.

The J4 Summer Wrestling Camp is a continuation of a coaching legacy that started in 1967 when Coach Ernie Jones was the coach for the Blue-T club in West Tulsa. A legacy that has continued with Coach Shawn Jones, Coach Biff Jones, and Coach Rodney Jones. The Jones family of coaches have coached teams that have won 18 State Championships and 131 Individual State Champions combined. This camp is for all ages and experience levels. The J4 Wrestling Summer Camp is not only a proven system for winning championships in 5 different decades but most importantly it will develop in young wrestlers a love and a passion for everything the sport has to offer.

Since 2000 the Jones Family of Coaches have been hosting a summer wrestling camp that for 19 years has developed into a super opportunity for young wrestlers and new wrestlers to learn the fundamentals that are essential to improving and being successful in wrestling. The camp has always focused and still stresses the importance of learning how to practice and understanding that if you are serious about improving and being successful at wrestling, it’s important to learn how to most effeciently utilize your time on the wrestling mats.
The Jones Family of Coaches including Ermie, Shawn, and Biff Jones have all been Head Coaches and have coached wrestling teams that combined have won 18 Oklahoma State Wrestling Championships.